If you're a summit host, then you already know that virtual events and summits can be a great way to:

  • Be introduced to new leads from "borrowed lists;"

  • Skyrocket your email list with qualified buyers;

  • Bring in a quick cash injection plus perpetual sales;

  • Build a community;

  • Establish trust and expertise with your audience;

  • Network and collaborate with industry experts.

You also know that the success of your event relies heavily on collaborating with top-notch speakers.

But... Finding and securing ideal and qualified expert speakers for your event can be challenging if using the traditional methods (or no method).


Secure ideal speakers for your virtual event quickly and easily

using our expert shortcuts?

With this method, we're busting some SUMMIT MYTHS:

Using other methods, finding and securing ideal speakers can be:

  • Overwhelming - "Where do I start finding experts?"

  • Confidence-shaking - "Who am I to approach this well-known influencer?"

  • Confusing - "Where do I find experts and their contact?"

  • Difficult - "Where do I find them and how do I get their contact?"

  • Defeating - "I get no response or a decline over 90% of time!"

  • Time-consuming - "Sending hundreds of emails with high rejection rates is ineffective and it's taken me months!"

  • Wasteful - "The old methods created double work and wasted effort"

  • Intimidating - "What do I say on the call or during the interview?"

  • Expensive - "I either have to spend hours doing it myself and I don't know what I'm doing, or spend a lot of money outsourcing!"

With our method, securing qualified speakers is:

  • Organized - a clear step-by-step process to keep on track

  • Confidence-boosting - Know exactly what to say, write, and how to best source even well-known experts.

  • Clarity - You'll have all the resources and directories to reach your prospected speakers.

  • Easy - A streamlined system to keep track of your speakers, to automate your process without confusion or ovewhelm.

  • Magnetic - Learn how to define and attract your ideal speakers to you.

  • Time-saving - In just 4 brief modules, supplied in all formats (video, audio and written) plus templates to save you time.

  • Efficient - Use our tried and proven method to get the results.

  • Expertise - With Expert Tips along the process, you can be confident you'll know exactly how to be prepared.

  • Cost-saving - When you add it all up, that’s a total Real-World Value of $1,500, plus months of your work & time.

In this proven method of securing speakers,

we take the guesswork out of process and organization so you can focus on what you do -

hosting the event and growing your business!

This ecourse is designed to help you

with ease, efficiency and an understanding about what systems to use for what and how.

If you're ready to learn how to Book Ideal Speakers For Your Virtual Events with ease and confidence and you don't wan't to stop putting hosting your event any longer....

— we’re ready for you!




Know exactly who your ideal speakers are, so they're aligned with your business strategy and are a perfect match for your event



Learn the precise and easy way to attract experts to be your event speakers without cold calling or emailing and in record time.



How to onboard your confirmed speakers in a simple, organized way without confusion or overwhelm.



How to nurture relationships so your speakers are aligned with your vision and gung-ho to promote your event.

"This method saved me so much time and finally helped me move forward with my online show! After months of cold outreach, I tried this method of finding speakers and had 24 qualified experts apply over the weekend! Amazing!"

Barbara B.

TV Producer, Host of the Creative Shift

    Training by 2 Virtual Event Experts organized in 4 modules with text, video, and audio for convenient, at your own pace, on the go learning, with everything you need from defining and securing your speakers.

    Plus you get lifetime access and can use it as a Rinse'N'Repeat method.

    A streamlined system to keep track of your speakers, to automate your process without confusion or ovewhelm.

    From checklists, worksheets, to forms and more, you have templates you can customize that would take you days to create from scratch.

    We curated a number of virtual event resources that will aid you in your success of booking qualified speakers, such as speaker directories, tech system recommendations, and more.

Plus These 🚀 FAST ACTING Bonuses 🚀

To Make The Process And Tech SUPER EASY


Tech Lab With Walk-Through Tutorials

We'll take you step-by-step to create a streamlined system to automate your booking, onboarding, and interview process, WITHOUT confusion or overwhelm.

Tech made easy!



Bonus Guides

Profitable Virtual Event Planner
Virtual Summit AsseProfitable Virtual Events
Speaker Onboarding Checklist for Virtual Summits

When You Add it All Up, That’s A Total

Real-World Value of $1,500.

(plus, months of your work & time)

But because we're super excited to support you in your success with creating your virtual summit/event, we're giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for just…



Claim your bonuses if you can in the next

Hey Coaches, Consultants and Online Entrepreneurs:

Are you planning to host a virtual event or summit?

If so, then you know how important it is to have a perfect-match lineup of speakers who are inviting their people to attend your event. After all, the success of your summit (list build & profit) relies on their promotional efforts.

You were probably told to cold call or email potential experts to be on your virtual summit, only to hear crickets while months go by.

Traditional online summit models have outdated methods that take too much time and effort. In the end, they rarely produce a lineup of speakers who are gung-ho about promoting your event.

Maybe you've already tried and found out for yourself... That with rejection rates in the 90%, many end up spending hours sending emails with little to no return.

Even when you finally hear back, virtual event hosts often report not all speakers are aligned and motivated to promote which can result in less-than-desired event attendance.

Not to mention the tech! Oh, the tech overwhelm!

Psst.... It doesn't have to be THIS difficult to find your qualified speakers for your virtual summit or event.

Stop wasting weeks of your valuable time, let us teach you the easy way to get proven results!

After all, you've got talents that people need and a show to put on!

Learn How To Book Your Qualified Speakers With Ease and Confidence And In Less Time

In this, ecourse will teach you how to strategically define, attract, and enroll your ideal speakers so they are excited about your event vision and supporting you to fill your event with a great audience.

You'll learn our proven method to book qualified speakers

with ease and in time time, without stress or overwhelm!

So you can successfully launch your virtual event to grow your list of buyers, impact and profit.

Who Are The Experts Teaching This Ecourse:

Hey Friend!

We are Justyna Nielsen and Veronica Arboleda, the creators of the Book Ideal Speakers For Your Virtual Event ecourse.

We know how important your virtual summit / event is. And it's a lot of work.

That's why we want you to get the results and stop wasting your time and effort doing things the old way. The result? Get your TIME back!

Try our way!

We've been strategizing, producing, hosting, and supporting other hosts of virtual events for years. Together, we've created and managed over a hundred of online summits for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. We've studied several methods of virtual summit building tested the best ways to achieve the goal of creating successful virtual events, summits, interview series, online shows.

The big "A-ha" moment we had could be yours today: it doesn't have to be THIS difficult to book qualified speakers for your virtual event.

Once we started using our new method in launching our own summits, we were extremely happy to share it with our clients too. (And they were even happier with their results!)

And now, we created this "Book Qualified Speakers With Ease and Confidence" method into an e-course so you can have it for a fraction of the cost and a huge reduction in time. The best part: building relationships and collaborations with amazing, aligned speakers to create a total knock-out success in your virtual events and beyond.

So let us be your guides in this endeavor. So that you thank yourself for the decision you made today.

All our best,

Justyna & Veronica

Justyna Nielsen

Virtual Events Producer | Online Marketing Strategist

Magnetic Brand


Hello, friend! I am Justyna, CEO of Magnetic Brand Online.

I guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to MAGNETIZE their ideal clients.

I teach digital entrepreneurs how to SCALE their business with virtual events and online marketing strategy.

Veronica Arboleda

Virtual Event Producer | Summit Manager | Online Marketing Strategist

i Create Forward

Hi, I'm Veronica! As your Virtual Event Producer, you can expect professionalism, dependability, and open communication.

I’m very organized and detail-oriented. I have successfully launched over 50+ virtual events pre-recorded and live including my own.

Questions Others Asked

How long does it take to complete the ecourse?

This is a self-paced program, meaning you can finish it on your own schedule. This ecourse has an intro and 4 modules. Each video is under 10 minutes so the content is easily digestible.

Don’t forget that you have lifetime access to this ecourse meaning you get to go at your own pace and use it again in the future.

FAQ image

Do I have to be tech-savvy to take this course?

Good news, this course is for all tech proficiency levels and you can use your own systems. We'll take you step-by-step to create a streamlined and automated system WITHOUT confusion or overwhelm. It's tech made easy! Choose level-appropriate tutorials in the "Tech Lab."

Is there a return policy?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds for this ecourse. However, in case of any issues or a discrepancy, please contact us. We value your satisfaction.

So do yourself a favor, save time, money, and a lot of overwhelm by enrolling today:

- Let's do this! -

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